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Chronus / Time Lords

Series: Blood & Roses / 1st appearance Blood & Roses #2

Age: unknown, Height: 5′ 10″ Weight: unknown Affiliations: Timelords.

Long ago empowering themselves with the responsibility of safekeeping the Timestone, this security was eventually violated by one of their own with the reckless loss of the stone. Following this the rash interference of mortals ultimately caused it to explode into Timeshards creating the cataclysmic Time-Storm. The Time Lords are now faced with the challenge of righting the wrong by monitoring the Timeline for the resulting flaws and disruptions and sending out recovery teams to retrieve precious Timeshards with hopes of rebuilding the shattered stone. Chronus lead the Time Lords and oversee the daily operations of agents. Once being an agent himself he has a high standard that he holds all-around to achieve.