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Christiana Faye Blood

Series: Blood & Roses / 1st appearances: Blood & Roses Original Print

Age: 21 / Height: 5′ 11″ / Weight: 140 / Affiliations: Elite Agent of the Timelords.

Chris was reared by her Aunt Eve and Uncle Jude with all of her male cousins in Salisbury, England, circa 1301. Growing up was difficult, for the Middle Ages were a very trying time to be a headstrong female in a castle full of dominating males. Still, Chris was treated fairly by her Uncle Jude and cousins, even schooled in the art of fighting (much to her Aunt’s disapproval). Chris proved to be an excellent fighter and in, in time, unexpectedly surpassed her cousins in combat skills. When the Crusades began, however, she was denied the right to join up the battle. Shortly thereafter, Christiana was approached by the Time Lords with an offer to join their cause and, with nary a thought, readily accepted.